What is a Real Estate team and how do they work?

A real estate team is made up of two or more associated real estate agents who work together as a single unit within an office.

The team concept in real estate started to become popular in the 1990’s at which time the basic idea was for several agents to share recourses such as assistants, office space, etc. Often at that time, this is where the “team” relationship ended.

In more recent times, however, and certainly currently within the Hilton Head market, the team concept is very popular, but its definition varies greatly from team to team with some teams being teams in name only, and other teams functioning as “true teams”.

There are teams who share resources as described above, but where each team member handles individual client matters without much sharing of client responsibility with the other members of the team. At the other end of the spectrum, you will find real estate teams where the individual members jointly serve the needs of a single client, with each member contributing his or her talents in various efforts on the client’s behalf. Naturally, some individual agents are more skilled at negotiating, some at marketing, some at analyzing market data, etc. In this arrangement the client can benefit from the skills of several individual agents.

Clark, Cramer & Frank is such a team. At Clark, Cramer & Frank (“CCF”), we each contribute our efforts towards the best interests of our team clients. One of us serves as the “lead” agent so that our clients may have one individual contact agent, but the other members of the CCF Team are working behind the scenes contributing our input, skills and individual effort, and each of us is available to the client should the Lead Agent be unavailable at any given time. Even better for the client is the fact that, as a result of the team structure, each and every member of our team is financially motivated to obtain the best result for the client. Our team having been formed in 2009, we have been working together seamlessly for twelve years now with a track record of success to prove the effectiveness of our team effort. We are proud of our team and what we have accomplished and we are committed to continuing our collaboration as a “true team” for the benefit of our clients.

So when looking to hire a team, ask them how long they have worked together, what is the arrangement among the members of the team, and determine if they are a true team, or rather simply a group of agents sharing costs.

CCF is a true team – let us work for you. For more information contacts us at (843) 363-4523 or email us at info@wesellseapines.com.